A Blog About Nothing


It was going to be a fun Wednesday night. The plans had been made, driveways rented, leaflets given out. Yes the highly acclaimed TV show “Suits” was coming to film a scene right in front of my house. I drove limousines in Toronto for years, I have seen lots of movie and television shoots, but this one was coming right in front of my window! My oldest son worked for this very production within the past year. I had a plan, a methodology that would take pics at regular intervals showing the arrival and set-up of what I knew to be an armada of trucks, trailers, equipment , lights, cameras, a couple of hundred people each knowing their part and more duct tape in more colours than anyone knew existed. The buzz around the neighborhood was palpable. At the local diner, at the delicatessen, on the street, people talked about these coming events.DSC_0600

It began with the appearance of the ever popular orange cones. They marked the vast area to be used. If you parked near them people would rush over and explain why you couldn’t park there. “Suits” is coming! I took the time to charge my camera battery, clean my lens. Surely this would be an entertaining evening!


Soon what is normally a busy street was empty , except for locations people and those wonderful shiny cones.

A big truck pulled up and unloaded enough wires to hook up a small town. This crane showed up as well. A cadre of electrical types went to work hooking everything up in preparation and anticipation of the soon to be here armada.




The scene seemed set. All was ready for the troops to arrive, plug in and make their television magic.

It started to snow and for a time it gave everything a weird eerie kind of feeling .  Anytime now this quiet and calm would be broken. The lights would come on, buzzers and bells would go of, and actors would take their cues.



The quiet before the storm, the  peacefulness that would soon erupt.


I looked out the window every 15 minutes or so, nothing yet. Then every half hour, still no sign. Then it happens. We got cancelled because of snow ! All the effort and anticipation was for naught. Sadly I put my camera away, shut off the lights and went to bed.  I had the feeling in my gut that reminded me of being stood up on a date. “excuse me sir, the bar is closing you have to go, I don’t think your friend is going to show up” .

I awoke in the morning to the last of the cones and propane bottles waiting to be picked up,the studio decided to recreate our street and film the scene in their studio. Our moment in the spotlight squandered , our fleeting moment of fame nothing more than a passing fancy. It was entertaining for a time, but could have been so much better!!!


enjoy Toronto!~