Great Lakes Water Walk. September 24, 2017, Toronto

Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

From the thousands of lakes and rivers throughout this country to the Great Lakes, we seem to have been blessed with an abundance of fresh water.DSC_0124DSC_0095 Lake Ontario itself supplies drinking water to 9 million people. Toronto alone draws an average of 1 billion liters of water daily. Enough to fill 40,000 average size backyard swimming pools. We drink it, bathe with it, play in it, create energy with it and sadly don’t pay enough attention to what we put back into it. Humans and wildlife alike depend on the sustenance it provides.DSC_0137DSC_0141 I had the privilege on Sunday to join in for a part of the Great Lakes Water Walk. An amazing event hosted by indigenous Grandmothers, Elders and anyone willing to join in.DSC_0196DSC_0199 One group met in the west and one group in the east and walked 22 km. along the shores to meet in the middle for a ceremony and prayer for the very well being of these important waters. DSC_0203DSC_0215DSC_0183I have had the honor of attending a few water events over the past few years, and this one like the others was a humbling experience. The aboriginal people that have counted on these waters for thousands of years showing their respect and thankfulness for it.DSC_0228DSC_0188 A lesson for all of us as well, to not take this life-giving force for granted.DSC_0221DSC_0238 As fresh water becomes more and more scarce in the years to come, it becomes more crucial for all of us to think about how we use it and what we are putting back into it. Thanks to all the wonderful walkers that took the time, on a hot and humid Sunday, to show such respect, hopefully enough of us catch on before it is too late. DSC_0106


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