Polish Festival, Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto, September 16-17, 2017

Roncesvalles Ave. hosted the annual Polish Festival last weekend. Going into it’s thirteenth year it has become North America’s largest celebration of Polish culture, art and music and shows no signs of getting any smaller.DSC_0472DSC_0483 Over the years the festival, like the neighborhood itself, has become more than that. It seems to be a celebration of the neighborhood itself and the music, food and other events as diverse as the over 300,000 people that come to visit.DSC_0486DSC_0518 DSC_0514This festival has a little of everything, from a quiet game of chess to the joy of watching street performers contort in painful looking ways. The music and dance remain a reminder of the Polish traditions that are still so vibrant in Toronto.DSC_0559DSC_0509DSC_0451 Even Premiere Wynne took the time to polka.  The food, while somewhat traditional to it’s Polish roots is also as diverse as the street has become.DSC_0523DSC_0488DSC_0532 There is lots of activities for the kids and if you hang around long enough you will get more polka music than you can shake a pickle on a stick at. Certainly enough to last until next year. DSC_0493DSC_0392DSC_0445If you didn’t make it down this year, hopefully you will come next year. It is well worth the trip and a nice way to celebrate one of Toronto’s best neighborhoods. A warm, friendly and vibrant village within the boundaries of a big city!~DSC_0500



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