OCAP BBQ, Allan Gardens Toronto, Saturday August 19 2017

On Saturday the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty held their annual BBQ. 1-DSC_05231-DSC_05071-DSC_0506Since 1990 OCAP has been fighting for the rights of poor and less fortunate people of Toronto and Ontario. They are an amazing group of people. Every event I have had the pleasure to attend has given me the opportunity to meet some awesome and truly dedicated people. This event no different. The speakers reminded us of the very real crisis that exists on these very streets, particularly in the colder months of winter. 1-DSC_05011-DSC_05391-DSC_0520The city only started keeping track of those that have perished on Toronto streets and parks in this last year and the numbers were frightening. An already overloaded shelter system is being heavily inundated with many more people coming to the city as well as many people being put into that position by Toronto’s ever growing gentrification. From the need for actual housing to the need for safe injection sites, these are the people that are standing up against “big money” interests at every turn.1-DSC_05291-DSC_05451-DSC_0552 This BBQ was a time for reflection and also a time of celebration. For victories won, lives saved and thoughts towards future battles to come. It was also time for a bite to eat and a chance to listen to some incredible music and to enjoy a beautiful Saturday afternoon in toronto’s most famous park. Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to make this such an awesome event, thanks for letting me share it and hopefully you will invite me back!1-DSC_05151-DSC_05671-DSC_0554 There was this huge yellow banner in the park and throughout the afternoon, one by one, people came and wrote a message on it for someone that they knew personally that had perished in these parks and streets. Sadly when I left I noticed that there were a lot of messages, all reminders of humans that fell between the cracks. Surely a city as awesome as Toronto is can do better to protect and help every citizen, not just those with money. Thanks again all!~


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