Ground Zero INAC, Toronto, July 22, 2017

An Urgent Vigil for Indigenous Children & Youth Suicides has held space in front of the Indian & Northern Affairs office on St. Clair E. since July 20th..1-DSC_0209 1-DSC_0203I had the chance to visit on Saturday with Carrie Lester, Sigrid Kneve, Sue Lynn Manone and some of the other incredible people involved in this effort to pray for all the families and communities affected by recent shocking increases in youth suicides. 1-DSC_02191-DSC_0200The statistics are staggering. The reality sinks in that these are not stories from a far away desperate corner of the planet but right here in Ontario and Canada. 1-DSC_01951-DSC_0197The people most affected are not refugees but the people that were here before us. Truth is there are still over 100 communities in Canada without drinkable water. Another hopeful outcome of this vigil was to raise public awareness.1-DSC_02021-DSC_0199 Some things you learn in life are very uncomfortable but as important as the joyous ones. If these numbers applied to an affluent neighborhood in Toronto I can only imagine the headlines and public outcry. Reconciliation can only truly begin with an honest understanding of our history. 1-DSC_02201-DSC_0191It was indeed a pleasure to meet these wonderful people and share the hope that things get better. Hopefully many thousands of young people can feel some real hope and a sense of future. 1-DSC_0212


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