Toronto Pride 2017, Sunday June 25, 2017

For all the political positioning and battling that took place leading up to Toronto’s annual Pride Parade the event itself gave quite a different feel. 1-DSC_05321-DSC_05561-DSC_0621Downtown was packed with thousands of people of all stripes in what can only be described as one of the biggest street parties in Toronto. 1-DSC_05421-DSC_05691-DSC_0543This years parade, led by dignitaries such as Chief Bellegarde, Prime Minister Trudeau, Premiere Wynne, our own Mayor Tory and Grand Marshal, Cree artist Kent Monkman, lived up to expectations as a unified loud voice for the freedoms and inclusions of all in our society.  1-DSC_06641-DSC_07601-DSC_0776A massive wave of joyous faces, pounding beats and lots of those bright colours this event is famous for.1-DSC_08141-DSC_05761-DSC_06151-DSC_0774 After a couple of hours at the parade I wandered into the village to find all streets closed to cars and filled with thousands more enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon.1-DSC_06581-DSC_07701-DSC_0644 From naked revellers to the most elaborate outfits and make-up, a chance for everyone to drop their inhibitions and be whatever they want to be.1-DSC_08431-DSC_0705 Toronto does know how to throw a party. One where everyone is invited without judgement. 1-DSC_05601-DSC_0604Hope everyone had an awesome Pride weekend! Seems everyone I saw did!


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