Pow Wow At The Fort. Fort York, Toronto, June 24, 2017

In celebration of Canada’s National Aboriginal Day, Na-Me-Res(Native Men’s Residence) hosted a spectacular traditional Pow Wow on Saturday at Fort York. 1-DSC_03111-DSC_0340It was the second time I have had the pleasure of such an event but my first time to have the honour to witness a Grand Entry. It was to say the least, a moving experience. In respect to tradition, no photos taken, I could feel the respect shown for all people, living and dead, in a procession that had a very spirit moving feel. 1-DSC_04701-DSC_0374Long gone the battles fought and lives lost, a sense of unity going forward. A sense that our very survival as a species would be far better served working together and standing side by side. 1-DSC_03871-DSC_0455Soon after, the drumming and dancing began to take over the afternoon. The rhythms and singing of an incredible history and lore passed down through the many, many generations. 1-DSC_04091-DSC_0316-001I wish I would have been taught more of this part of our history in school but luckily it is never too late to learn.1-DSC_03471-DSC_03011-DSC_0355The grounds were full of art, crafts and some incredible food but mostly with the smiling faces of many incredible people sharing much love and joy. 1-DSC_04131-DSC_03531-DSC_0398Thanks to all the dancers for giving my lens such beautiful tapestries and colours to remember and hopefully I get the chance to share such an event again soon!1-DSC_0417


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