Taste Of Toronto, Garrison Commons, June 17. 2017

The Taste Of Toronto Festival took over the Garrison Commons grounds at Fort York on the weekend.1-DSC_02281-DSC_0173This incredible food event meant to tempt, tease and offer a taste of some of the finer foods that make up the Toronto dining scene.1-DSC_02441-DSC_0250From venison and wild boar, to chocolate covered bacon, to all manner of rubs and sauces, no flavour profile left untouched.1-DSC_01771-DSC_0202 Libations from some people that take mixology serious to a nice cold beer from the back of a beer truck there is something here for all tastes.1-DSC_02201-DSC_0221 Many fine dining establishments represented as well, offering samples and meals to fill the belly and make one smile. 1-DSC_02321-DSC_0236It is always a pleasure to watch someone like chef Grant van Gameren of Bar Isabel, Bar Raval and a growing list of Toronto hot spots. plying his skills in the most basic of ways. There is a wonderful synergy between burning charcoal, fresh meat and those wonderful secret spice rubs. And the things this man can do with an octopus!1-DSC_02511-DSC_0237All of that combined with another beautiful sunny Saturday made the entire experience a pleasurable one. 1-DSC_02571-DSC_0255Time to head home for a nap! Thanks to all, look forward to next year~


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