Rally For Our Day In Court, University Ave. Toronto June 12 2017

Monday June 12, 2017 the battle begins. In courtroom 804 at 393 University Ave. CUPE’S lawsuit against Kathleen Wynne and her government’s selling off of Hydro One shares had it’s first day in court.1-DSC_00191-DSC_0064 Outside the court house a group of supporters gathered to give voice to the ever growing worry and fear that privatizing yet another public asset can’t be good. 1-DSC_00331-DSC_0034The gathering included people from several communities on Ontario that are seeing their electrical services being sold out to the highest bidder.1-DSC_0028 1-DSC_0042In this province we already pay the highest charges in the country and as we were reminded by John Clarke, of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, an increasing number of people already have to make the decision to keep their electricity on or buy food. These utilities belong to all of us. Created and built up by generations of Ontarians for all Ontarians.. 1-DSC_00591-DSC_00762018 will be an election year and if the Premiere really thinks that selling off these public utilities is such a great idea, how about running a platform on that in the next provincial election and see how that goes. Not a huge crowd but a boisterous one. It has just begun, the battle is young and there will be much more to come. The more people speak up, the more likely they might actually be heard. My favourite line of the day, “Power To The People!” and please, at a reasonable rate.


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