Muhtadi International Drumming Festival, Woodbine Park June 03 2017

The 18th annual Muhtadi International Drumming Festival took place last weekend in Woodbine Park ,Toronto. 1-DSC_02651-DSC_0500The festival was launched in 2000 by Trinidadian drummer Muhtadi as a way to unite Toronto’s many cultures in an expression of percussive unity. 1-DSC_06001-DSC_0275The history of drumming is almost as old as the history of mankind on earth. A skin or membrane stretched over a cylinder or shell and struck with a hand or stick.1-DSC_03711-DSC_0381 Every culture has a steep history of drums and this festival showcases the love and joy that we all share for rhythm and percussive expression. 1-DSC_04251-DSC_0414From workshops to a stage of truly talented international artists to sitting under a tree banging a bongo this event sure to inspire the rhythm in all of us. 1-DSC_04461-DSC_0396This year’s theme , “Our home on native land”, a tribute to the strong and vibrant history of drums in aboriginal history and lore.1-DSC_03941-DSC_0597 During my visit I had the pleasure to hear rhythms from China, Korea, Ghana, Burkina Faso , Japan, the Canadian All-Stars steel band,which will be representing Canada in an upcoming competition in Australia and the wonderfully decked out Michel Bruyere who has been the touring drummer for Buffy Ste. Marie for the past 8 years.1-DSC_06181-DSC_0638 The park was full of awesome sounds and a few dragons. A truly beautiful day for some truly inspiring and beautiful beats and even a drum made from a real canoe. 1-DSC_05141-DSC_0544Looking forward to next years event. Hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy it, the rhythms will stay with you long after you leave. 1-DSC_0289 As always enjoy Toronto and just for fun, bang a drum.


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