Flashmob, Yonge-Dundas May 31 2017

Early in May a person I met at a rally had informed me about this flashmob that was going to take place on the 31st at Yonge & Dundas.1-DSC_01311-DSC_0133 A joint effort between the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape and an incredible group of young women called Grrrrl Justice. A way to mark the end of Sexual Assault Awareness Month with an exclamation point. 1-DSC_01361-DSC_0141I waited patiently not knowing exactly where or how this would begin. My first clue was that bright pink hair followed by many women with signs, It had begun. This intersection is crazy busy, especially at the end of a work day. It was incredible to see so many people stop, listen and more importantly ask.1-DSC_01511-DSC_0141  The event had been in planning since late March and couldn’t have been done any better. The drums and chanting were loud and yes for a moment in many peoples lives, the rat race stopped and the voices of the victims and survivors were heard and reminded us all of the reality of gender-based violence that sadly is still very prevalent in society. 1-DSC_01451-DSC_0152Thanks to all those wonderful people that put this together and thanks for letting me share it. The march back to Ryerson was invigorating and i truly hope these kinds of empowering events continue and make a difference. 1-DSC_01671-DSC_0192In this capitalist mecca of million dollar billboards and bright lights it was nice to see some real stars and some real signs that actually mean something.1-DSC_02541-DSC_0144 Please keep up the good work! It is important!


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