The Roundhouse, Open Doors May 28 2017

The big doors swung open, this weekend, to the long and important history of rail transit in Canada. 1-DSC_00091-DSC_0014The Toronto Railway Historical Association was part of Open Doors, a yearly chance to check out some of approximately 150 or so buildings. While this year’s theme was buildings from the 60’s and 70’s the roundhouse was actually built in the 1920’s. The 120 foot long locomotive turntable originally sat amongst 43 structures and many miles of track on 16 acres of what is now prime Toronto real estate.1-DSC_00061-DSC_0007 Roundhouse Park was created in 1997 ands sits on top of the parking garage for the Convention Centre. 1-DSC_00251-DSC_0037Aside from some of these incredible locomotives and cars from the past, the sight also contains the original Don Station and Cabin D, built in 1896 by the Grand Trunk Railway. 1-DSC_00181-DSC_0024This fully restored cabin used to sit at the railway junction west of Bathurst and until 1979 controlled the track switches and signal lights for that junction.1-DSC_00301-DSC_0042 The museum itself resembles more of a workshop than a showcase and it seems that a long labour of love lies ahead to restore some of these incredible behemoths to their former glory. 1-DSC_00221-DSC_0021With long term resident The Steam Whistle Brewery and continued efforts a vibrant link to our past has been given a new life and will become another fun place to visit for generations to come. 1-DSC_00661-DSC_0064The park features a live steam powered miniature train to give riders the actual feel of being moved by steam.1-DSC_00761-DSC_0033 Nice way to spend a day and if your not careful you might even learn a thing or two. As always enjoy Toronto!1-DSC_00851-DSC_0055


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