High Water At Sunnyside Beach , Toronto, May 22, 2017

Victoria Day Monday, as the rain stopped, I took a walk to what used to be Sunnyside Beach. 1-DSC_06261-DSC_0655 A shorter walk than previous ones, seems the lake is coming to meet the city. Quite the sight. 1-DSC_06671-DSC_0631The barrier that separates the lake from an inner safe channel lies buried under water. At some points the water comes right up to and has gone over the boardwalk.1-DSC_06371-DSC_0696 The area in front of the pavilion would by now be host to a multitude of Volleyball games. The vast amounts of rain we have experienced have certainly taken their toll.1-DSC_06591-DSC_06741-DSC_0698 Frightening and worrisome as it may be, it does change the landscape and in my 58 years, I’e never seen it like this!~1-DSC_0690As always, enjoy Toronto but with all these swollen waters, be safe!1-DSC_0673


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