Farm To Fork ,Christie Pits, Toronto May 18 2017

Toronto’s 4th annual non-gmo food festival took place on Saturday at Christie Pits.1-DSC_04401-DSC_0479 A grassroots movement that aims to educate consumers and highlight the ever growing trend to get back to eating natural, healthy foods that do not come from genetically modified seeds and crops and that is grown in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner.1-DSC_05001-DSC_0437 Monsanto and other such corporations claim that GMO foods are necessary to feed the world, and yet have been banned in 38 countries. Profits seem to be more important than the long term health of consumers and like I have heard from many speakers at these rallies, if Monsanto is so proud and sure of their product, why are they so against labeling it? 1-DSC_05061-DSC_0495This festival aims to inform a growing health conscious public as well as being a venue for farmers and retailers that have made the commitment to provide organic, pesticide-free options for the dinner table. From young people, to young couples and families, to the older folk like me, it is evident that this has been going on for some time now. The sun came out, the food was awesome and between the Raging Grannies and dancing with the bees it was a very enjoyable afternoon.1-DSC_05251-DSC_0562 I applaud and tip my cap to the marchers who spent an hour or so walking all the way from Yonge Dundas Square to Christie Pits. Not the biggest of crowds but in the words of a friend Gwendolyn (aka,the butterfly and bee lady) it’s not the size of the crowd that matters but the size of the heart of each of those people. 1-DSC_04651-DSC_0472Really looking forward to next year’s event! Enjoy Toronto, get out there and support some of these many fine groups and causes, you might be surprised what you learn!


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