A Walk In The Park, High Park Toronto May 14, 2017

As a young boy I always had a love for books. In reading I could travel to the most fascinating and enchanting kingdoms and forests imaginable. Places where the world around me disappeared for a time. 1-DSC_01861-DSC_0355 From a very young age this park was always the physical embodiment of those places. I would try to imagine what is was like for those Grenadiers that came here on leave and surely if there was a Robin Hood, this is where he would live.1-DSC_01401-DSC_0155 As I got older life took many turns and twists but I have been fortunate to be able to maintain my fascination with and love for High Park.  No matter what part of the city we lived in we always found a reason and a time to come back here. 1-DSC_02371-DSC_0295 There is life here. Life that was here long before me and will be here long after I am gone. Year in and year out. Every year somewhat different from any before. I have over the years and my many visits had the pleasure of meeting and photographing all manner of wildlife. 1-DSC_03741-DSC_0275From a fully grown female deer to coyotes and foxes and more different species of  birds than I ever knew existed. In all those years the fascination and enchantment of this place has never left me. 1-DSC_03731-DSC_0321I come here often, to watch, to learn, to breathe, to get my zen but most importantly to let the world around me disappear for a time. Toronto is blessed with many such places. People come for many reasons. This particular day happened to be Mother’s Day and while I sat and reminisced on the many memories this place holds for me, I didn’t have to look far to see many others in the process of creating their own.1-DSC_04011-DSC_0378 Hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day and I really hope everyone in Toronto and those visiting get out to one of these magical places.1-DSC_0197 The memories you make will last a lifetime!~


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