Global Marijuana March, Toronto, May 06,2017

On Saturday May 6th, Toronto’s 19th edition of the Global Weed March took place at Queen’s Park. 1-DSC_01141-DSC_0122The rain stopped just long enough for the thousands to gather amongst the bodies of water that used to be the north lawn.1-DSC_00081-DSC_0005 As legalization of weed becomes a reality there are still lots of battles to be fought. What do John Turner, Ernie Eaves and George Smitherman have in common? Not much in general, except for the fact they are all CEOs of legal marijuana growing companies in Canada.1-DSC_00351-DSC_0006 As a new lucrative industry is in it’s first steps it is clear that the political and corporate elite are busy sinking their teeth into it.1-DSC_00251-DSC_0061 These events are always a lot of fun. A gathering of the grassroots faithful. A crowd as diverse in age and race as any.1-DSC_00951-DSC_0018 People dressed up, brought signs and flags and most importantly, people brought themselves. 1-DSC_00291-DSC_0031Some sold, some bought, all smoked and ate and gathered in numbers to celebrate and enjoy. There are indeed many issues that still need to be addressed and policies still to be formed.1-DSC_01041-DSC_0112 All this fuss for a plant that grows freely and can do a lot of good. As always an enjoyable time.1-DSC_00551-DSC_00151-DSC_0040I am always blown away by the amazing people you meet at these gatherings. Next year will mark the 20th and maybe last march in this format. Time will tell and as always I hope that the little guy gets his fair share of the big pie!~


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