Life Under The Street, Toronto, April 2017

I spend most of my time showcasing Toronto in a good and positive light. I love this city. I was born here, raised here and fairly sure I will die here as well. 1-DSC_0409Every now and then the reality of life and survival smacks you in the senses. In a city as prosperous, dynamic, versatile and growth oriented as Toronto is, the truth is the forgotten and less privileged sink deeper between the cracks in the floor boards. 1-DSC_0410Out of sight, out of mind. Like a surrealistic cave below the teeming masses above life is clung to in desperation. Surely as the free and caring society we profess to be, we must do better than this. I was reluctant to post this. I don’t want to make hay off of others misfortunes but if it increases awareness and starts us all thinking I think it is right to share.1-DSC_0414I have no idea how long this person has lived here. Nor can I imagine what kind of horrible weather and conditions this person has endured. Yes the war of austerity has also created refugees. Hopefully our compassion extends to them too!

“An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics.”
  — Plutarch, Greek historian 1-DSC_0412


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