Winter Stations Design Competition, Kew Beach, Toronto

1-dsc_0379For three years now the Winter Stations Design Competition has turned the East Beaches of Toronto into a wonderful outdoor art exhibit.1-dsc_03991-dsc_0401 Whimsical, thought provoking and a good excuse to take a winter walk on the beach.1-dsc_03821-dsc_0383 Each installation encompassing one of eight lifeguard towers.1-dsc_03921-dsc_03881-dsc_0403 The intent of all of this being to highlight Toronto’s amazing winter waterfront landscape and to entice people to come hang out at the beach in the middle of winter. 1-dsc_04411-dsc_0443The competition runs from February 20th to March 27th.1-dsc_04501-dsc_0451 For more info about the designers, winners etc. please check out and grab your significant others, kids and dogs and check this out.1-dsc_04261-dsc_0433 Well worth the trip! I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.1-dsc_04601-dsc_0470 There is lots of good reasons to get out for a winter walk and this is certainly one of them.


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