Memorial For A Needless Loss, Toronto, Sunday February 19 2017

On Sunday afternoon about 60-70 people gathered in front of Mayor Tory’s swank $2.4M condo. 1-dsc_02871-dsc_0305Firstly to pay respect to a young man who needlessly died on Toronto streets on a cold winter evening, and also to raise a frustrated voice in a plea to help a system that is bursting at the seams.1-dsc_0311 1-dsc_03201-dsc_0308A young man, trying to get into a warming shelter on a cold night, turned away after being fed and given referrals for other parts of the city, wound up dead in a fast food restaurant bathroom of an overdose.  1-dsc_03481-dsc_0336It seems this gathering on his front step, has upset our Mayor on a personal level but to listen to these brave, wonderful front line workers explain the current situation with tears in their eyes, they take this crisis on a very personal level too.1-dsc_03161-dsc_0349 The more cuts that are made by City Hall to essential front line services, the higher the cost of living in this city continues to soar, the more and more people need real help. We all had that one dangerous intersection in our neighborhood. Our teachers and parents petitioned for a crosswalk, only to be turned away. Only after a child got fatally hit by a car did the crosswalk get installed.1-dsc_03551-dsc_0363 How many humans have to slip between the cracks until that much needed help is made available. Toronto is an affluent city, surely solutions exist that with some political will, can be found.1-dsc_03381-dsc_0366 As the flowers and candles were placed, everyone had that sombre moment. Yes this was a human life. A young man that perhaps didn’t need to die on that day.


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