Farewell To A Piece Of Toronto History

It is always a sad moment when a piece of our history falls to the wrecking ball of urban renewal.1-dsc_01751-dsc_02681-dsc_0188 From early childhood memories of my mother taking my sister and I to wait in line Saturday mornings, to myself as a young man delivering coffee and tea in those back alleys for Hayhoe Foods, Honest Ed’s has been a part of my Toronto history for my entire life.1-dsc_02321-dsc_02391-dsc_0236 After several other failed business attempts, in 1946, the Mirvish’s started what would indeed become a “once in a lifetime” retail giant that has permanently etched itself into the history of Toronto.1-dsc_01911-dsc_01821-dsc_0194As the business grew Ed Mirvish started to buy up the surrounding Victorian houses with the intent of tearing them down to create a parking lot. When the city denied his request and at the urging of his wife Anne, he rented these units out, at reasonable rates to artists, studios and unique retailers, thus creating a wonderful little enclave called “Mirvish Village”.1-dsc_02151-dsc_02001-dsc_0206 We said goodbye to “Honest Ed” Mirvish in July of 2007. The store closed in December of 2016 for good and Mirvish Village sits idle, like a ghost town, awaiting it’s final fate.1-dsc_01991-dsc_02211-dsc_0195The signage has been spared demolition and will be saved and next weekend there will be a huge party at the store to officially say farewell to Honest Ed’s. Ed’s legacy will continue to live on through his love and legacy in the arts.1-dsc_02201-dsc_0256 Hopefully whatever takes form on this iconic corner will reflect it’s history, but indeed a little piece of Toronto history has ended. 1-dsc_01771-dsc_0216


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