Fall Sunday, High Park October 23, 2016

Sometimes the best move forward is a step back. In the years that I have been writing this blog and taking these photographs I have tried to challenge myself to find new topics and events.1-dsc_0275 I have tried to learn new things, gain new insights and meet new people. I have created, in my head, a list of things that I would love to challenge myself with, but from time to time it is nice to step back and appreciate the wonders of life that exist so close to home.1-dsc_02851-dsc_03081-dsc_0311 I have been blessed in life to live so close to this amazing place. My trips here began when I was still in my mother’s womb and continued throughout my life. No matter where in Toronto we lived, we always came here to play, to relax and to marvel at the life that exists here.1-dsc_03281-dsc_0323 Each and every trip here is a different experience. As summer turns to fall, this place takes on a certain magic. Birds and animals work diligently to prepare for the upcoming winter. Ducks and hawks stop over on the way to somewhere warmer and the colours are better than any artist could paint. 1-dsc_02911-dsc_0296If you sit still just long enough even the smallest of birds takes the time to say hello. Toronto is filled with such wonderful places.1-dsc_02611-dsc_0259 Worth the time to explore, especially at this time of year. As always enjoy Toronto !

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