Labour Rally, Queen’s Park October 1 2016

On Saturday 5,000 workers and their families gathered at Queen’s Park for the rally for decent work.1-dsc_00261-dsc_0046 A rally to kick off The Week For Decent Work which is held Oct. 1 -7. People came from over 45 communities all in a united voice for some very basic rights and the hope to create an Ontario that is based on fair and safe jobs for everyone.1-dsc_00631-dsc_0071Everything from a $15 min. wage to paid sick days for part-time workers to the very fact that true equality still doesn’t exist between male and female workers.1-dsc_00121-dsc_00111-dsc_0013 In the words of OFL President Chris Buckley, “We’re here because we believe that it is possible to create an economy built on decent jobs,We know we can do better – we can build the Ontario we want.”  The fact that someone can work a 40 hour week and not be able to afford to live in Toronto is an uncomfortable reality. An increasing number of people have to piece together a life that does put them in a precarious and depending on the work, very dangerous situation.1-dsc_00871-dsc_0099Also mentioned, the fact that most post secondary graduates start their professional lives saddled with a large amount of debt. The OFL represents 54 unions and 1 million workers here in Ontario. There is strength in numbers and hopefully the message will get through to those running this province that the struggle out here is very real. For more info please visit, 1-dsc_00551-dsc_00151-dsc_0067Wet chilly weather aside it was an enjoyable gathering, from the music to the face painting for the kids, it is always nice to gather with this many people hoping and rallying for a common good!1-dsc_00741-dsc_0076 Enjoy Toronto

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