Farm to Fork On Common Ground,Saturday September 24-25, 2016

This past weekend Fort York and the Toronto Non-gmo  Coalition teamed up to celebrate Canada’s national Organic  Week with this incredible 2-day event called Farm to Fork on Common Ground.1-dsc_05491-dsc_0531 A weekend full of music, art, workshops and activities designed to raise awareness about the very food we eat and what it is that we are eating. 1-dsc_05211-dsc_0496The air was filled with the smell of seasonal  vegetables, fresh ground organic coffee and the memory that back in the day everything was real food.1-dsc_05231-dsc_05191-dsc_0517 It is nice to see people out in such good numbers too.1-dsc_05251-dsc_05091-dsc_0505 The movement seems to grow with each event and will continue to, based on the vibe and smiles evident here.1-dsc_05391-dsc_05381-dsc_0511 From well informed speakers, incredible music and lots of samples as well as an awesome lunch.1-dsc_05401-dsc_0533 1-dsc_0503Thanks to all the volunteers and vendors,can’t wait until next year!


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