Polish Festival, Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto, September 17-18 2016

The annual Polish Festival took over Roncesvalles Ave. again this past weekend to celebrate, sing, dance, eat, drink and share everything wonderful about being Polish and about this neighborhood.1-dsc_04151-dsc_0455 In the decade I have lived here it has grown yearly and even this year expanded from Howard Park to Dundas St W.1-dsc_04611-dsc_04321-dsc_0444 While Saturday’s rainy weather seemed to keep numbers a little smaller the sunshine of Sunday seemed to make up for it in spades.1-dsc_0476 Even the Premiere seemed to enjoy her visit. It was a special one for me in that it was the first time I got to share the weekend with my 3 grandkids. 1-dsc_04171-dsc_0416All three had fun both days as there is certainly a lot of activities and vendors geared for the many young kids in this neighbourhood. 1-dsc_04421-dsc_04561-dsc_0463As changes continue in this neighborhood so too I imagine the festival will also reflect those changes but I also believe that through it all the Polish traditions will remain a cornerstone of this event.1-dsc_04311-dsc_0478 Fun as always ! Enjoy Toronto and get out to some of these many festivals that speak so loudly of the diversity and strength of this really awesome city!~


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