Veg Food Fest, Harbourfront Toronto, September 11, 2016

It is always a pleasure to venture down to Harbourfront. This weekend saw the 32nd. annual Veg Food Fest. 1-dsc_03071-dsc_0293Hosted by the Toronto Vegetarian Association the show has become the largest of it’s type in North America. The show offered a wide and interesting variety of things that can be done with vegetables.1-dsc_03191-dsc_0338 From snacks and appetizers to meals and desserts. From spicy and savoury to sweet and decadent. Something for everyone’s taste. 1-dsc_03101-dsc_03481-dsc_0302As well as the many vendors this afternoon featured some great musical entertainment from Toronto’s own Danny Marks. 1-dsc_03311-imgp6969While I can’t pretend to be a vegetarian myself my diet has changed to a lot more plant based food over the last year.1-dsc_03431-dsc_03441-dsc_0353


I have noticed a change and feel lucky that in my neighborhood there are many green grocers within walking distance. This isn’t the case in all of this city and maybe one of the things shows like this will do is create awareness in people, particularly young kids, about the value and means to eat a healthy diet! 1-dsc_0336As always enjoy Toronto!~


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