Labour Day Parade, Toronto, September 05 2016

Organized by the Toronto and York District Labour Council, Toronto’s annual Labour Day Parade took to the streets on Monday.1-DSC_00771-DSC_0261 Estimated at 25,000 strong the labour movement celebrated it’s very important contributions to the history of Canada and highlighted some of the current struggles to provide a safe, healthy and prosperous environment for all workers.1-DSC_01401-DSC_01411-DSC_0098 From the 40 hour week, the 8 hour day, health benefits, etc. the labour movement’s accomplishments have been substantial.1-DSC_01181-DSC_0173 On the 23rd. of July, 1894, Prime Minister John Thompson made Labour Day an official national holiday and and designated the first Monday of every September for this celebration.1-DSC_01671-DSC_02101-DSC_0265 The Toronto parade is the biggest of it’s kind in North America and doesn’t show any signs of dwindling. Great turnout by marchers and onlookers alike. Hopefully the message not lost, for all the major accomplishments made there is still a long way to go.1-DSC_02741-DSC_00851-DSC_0086 But there is strength in numbers and solidarity. Great day for a parade but sadly back to work and school on Tuesday.1-DSC_02131-DSC_0231 As always enjoy Toronto!



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