The Tragically Hip, Sauroran Park, Neighbor’s lawn, Saturday August 20.2016

What a Saturday night it was! Since 1984, hailing from Kingston Ontario, Gord Downie, Paul Langlois, Rob Baker, Gord Sinclair and Johnny Fay have been weaving themselves into the fabric of our lives. DSC_0454DSC_0470The Tragically Hip have become a piece of Canadian history and indeed a part of the Canadian heart and soul. I can imagine that most Canadians, from cities, rural communities, camp grounds, cottages stopped and grouped together in a farewell celebration of the closing of this chapter of our lives. DSC_0488DSC_0486I can also imagine, given the gravity of the circumstances that brought this about and Gord Downie’s amazing soul baring performance, many people that weren’t Hip fans before certainly became fans last night.DSC_0459 Three hours of a journey into our pasts. Every song evoking memories in all of us. Hats off to the CBC for presenting this event with the class and dedication it did! No commercials, no corporate sponsorships, no breaks, foregoing 3 hours of Olympic coverage, no less, just to give this entire country an evening of a fond and loving farewell.DSC_0502DSC_0495 I started out with a few thousand neighbors at Sauroran Park and it wasn’t hard to feel the love. From kids to seniors, an outing that will live in our memories. I got to finish the concert off on my neighbor’s front lawn.DSC_0506DSC_0499 Neighbors walking by stopped and hung out, tissue boxes at the ready and somewhere in the third encore we knew that book was closing. It felt amazing to be with friends old and new. More than anything else it felt great to be Canadian! Best of luck and health to Gord Downie. DSC_0511Thank You for an amazing ride! The music of The Hip will certainly remain and so will the memories of that incredible Saturday night!!


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