Levendia X, Taste of the Danforth, Saturday August 6, 2016

The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word. Mata Hari1-DSC_00351-DSC_0033
Toronto has very recently been dubbed the most diverse city in the world. People have come here to live, work and raise families from every corner of the globe.1-DSC_00881-DSC_0072 I have learned over the last few years that it is these people that make this the incredible city it is.1-DSC_00491-DSC_0051 A tapestry of cultures and histories woven into a multi-coloured work of art. A testament of traditions and stories that remind us of our past and celebrate what we can be in the future as a community. 1-DSC_00851-DSC_0079When a friend , Louie Athanaselos,  told me about his dance troop Levendia X performing at the Taste of Danforth festival, I had to check it out. Always a pleasure to visit the neighborhood that I grew up in.1-DSC_0074 1-DSC_0102Levendia X has been performing in Toronto for 20 years now. Each dance a story, a piece of history shown in music and movement. While it may seem a Greek tradition it also very much a Toronto tradition. Another one of those wonderfully rich threads that weaves through this tapestry called Toronto.1-DSC_01131-DSC_0105 A pleasure to watch. Thanks to all the folks at Levendia X and indeed all the many thousands that filled Danforth for an awesome afternoon’s entertainment.1-DSC_00141-DSC_0125 Keep up the good work! If you ever get the chance to see these folks dance it is well worth the trip. 1-DSC_0100 As always, enjoy Toronto and enjoy the diversity that makes us so rich!



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