Soul Sunday, Street Party, Kensington July 31, 2016

1-DSC_0559This is what happens when you get rid of the cars and load the streets with art and music.1-DSC_05581-DSC_0613 You get lots of happy people wanting to shed themselves of their constrictions, listen to a lot of great sounds and dance.1-DSC_05861-DSC_05601-DSC_0606 Art everywhere.1-DSC_05751-DSC_06121-DSC_0635 Some big some small, some a simple expression of the joy of the day.1-DSC_06151-DSC_06001-DSC_0643 Always truly a pleasure to come and feel the vibe this neighborhood creates at anytime, but when they throw a party it is awesome.1-DSC_05651-DSC_05661-DSC_0645 See you all at the next one! As always enjoy Toronto, go visit Kensington!~





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