Bug Out 35, July 10, 2016

I was invited by a good friend, Dave Lister, to attend the 35th annual gathering of the Kitchener-Waterloo and area VW Bug Club. Our ride was Dave’s 1986 VW Syncro(with all-wheel drive).1-DSC_0396 Volkswagen, originally created in 1936 by the German Labour Front, has over the years changed the automotive landscape forever. 1-DSC_03241-DSC_0328A car designed and meant for the people. To give them the freedom to get around. Over the years VWs took on many forms from work to pleasure, but never lost the place in the people’s hearts.1-DSC_04261-DSC_03911-DSC_0338 The gathering was a showcase of approx.100 VWs of all types and for all purposes. 1-DSC_03671-DSC_03501-DSC_0333From all originals to customized. From old to new, from mild to wild, each one a piece of historic art.1-DSC_03581-DSC_03621-DSC_0365 To see some of these cars certainly invoked a lot of memories for myself and my history with a 69Bug. 1-DSC_03521-DSC_03531-DSC_0354The miles traveled, the things accomplished, the memories that make a man blush.1-DSC_03451-DSC_0347 Great outing, thanks to Dave for the invite and the drive.Nice to see that surely the love for the bug will continue for another generation or two!1-DSC_04091-DSC_0388 And yes the syncro is quite the tank!


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