Our Postal Worker Mike, July 08, 2016

As I write this it seems inevitable that a “lockout” will occur. Yet another disruption in postal service looms. This is our postal carrier Mike. He has served this community door to door for some years now and has become a part of our neighborhood. Every time I see him he is always smiling, carrying those satchel bags of mail. On the hottest of days to the absolute coldest days of winter he always carries that same smile. Anyone that doesn’t think Mike earns his pay should walk his route. Yes we will survive this. Electronic banking, couriers and other methods will fill the gap I’m sure, but I will miss Mike’s smile and cheery friendly face. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and matters will be settled in a manner good for both sides. Our Prime Minister was elected on a platform that included saving the door to door service these men and women provide. We should be thankful for the members of CUPW for once again carrying the torch against government austerity and privatization. To all the men and women that provide this service, Thank You and let’s hope this matter resolves itself soon. Considering the issues at play around the world today this may seem somewhat insignificant but the effects will be felt. Thanks Mike, keep smiling and hopefully we will see you again soon.postman mike


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