Tall Ships, Toronto Harbour, July 3 2016

It is not often that one gets the chance to stand in the shadows of a Spanish Galleon. 1-DSC_00151-DSC_0019This beautiful ship is a 1/1 recreation of a 16th ship that was part of the West Indies fleet that prowled the seas beginning in the late 1500’s. Impressive in size and 16th century technology, a floating museum, built in Seville Spain and currently based in ST.Augustine Fla..Breathtaking to say the least. 1-DSC_01801-DSC_0209Also here for a historic visit the Draken Harald Harfagre. Painstakingly built using the same methods as 1000 years ago.1-DSC_00291-DSC_0039

1-DSC_0044Leaving their home base of Haugeshund Norway a crew of 33 sailed this vessel along the same North Atlantic Route taken by the original Vikings so long ago. Impressive also in the sense that there is no below deck. 1-DSC_02701-DSC_00821-DSC_0251The sailors live and cook on deck taking turns sleeping in a tent, the only cover on deck. 1-DSC_02611-DSC_02581-DSC_0255Also along for the tour where a few Canadian Brigantines, St. Lawrence II, TS Playfair and STV Pathfinder. 1-DSC_01121-DSC_0265Here also for a visit the amazing Pride Of Baltimore II, built as a representation of an 1812 top-sail schooner. I had a chance to sit and chat with a lady that was a Spanish historian and we talked about what it must have felt like to live your life with your family and people and seeing these massive ships appear out of nowhere on the horizon.1-DSC_0245Somewhere between wonderment and fear and like it or not these ships all are a part of the history of this world! Thanks to everyone I met and to all those that have taken on the responsibility of making sure this history lives on. Enjoy Toronto and in a final scene that I am sure has taken place thousands of times on many shores, a farewell to the sailors as they leave to head out on another adventure!1-DSC_0274


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