Canada Day, Yonge-Dundas Square, July 1, 2016

The rain stopped, the sky cleared and the sun came out just in time to help celebrate Canada Day with a few thousand friends and neighbors.1-DSC_05411-DSC_0536 Canada, the country that welcomed my parents with open arms as they left a war ravaged Europe in search of a new life, with their last few dollars in their pockets and hearts full of hopes and dreams.1-DSC_05071-DSC_0549 Today’s gathering at Yonge-Dundas Square was a testament to the diversity and inclusion that makes this such an incredible country and city.1-DSC_05521-DSC_0535 What better way to celebrate this love than the creation of a huge living flag. Thousands gathered as red and white shirts were given out and people placed in the centre of the square as a human tribute to the greatest country on earth. 1-DSC_05181-DSC_05581-DSC_0544There were many different and diverse bands and dancers throughout the day but at 4:30 the focus was on the flag! 1-DSC_05781-DSC_0556The smiles all real, the music pounding, the party was indeed on!1-DSC_0502 Awesome to have been a part of and I have to say the love I felt was indeed heartwarming.1-DSC_05841-DSC_05591-DSC_0555 Thanks to everyone I met and I hope everyone had an incredible Canada Day however you chose to celebrate it! Enjoy Toronto!Canada Day 2016











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