Father’s Day & Football, Toronto June 19 2016

There are a lot of similarities between life and football. A series of X’s and O’s and connecting lines meant to give us a chance to make gains in incremental amounts. A chance to advance into new territory while steadfastly defending our own.1-DSC_01491-DSC_0160 Often things don’t go as planned and you have to adjust on the spot, change your approach, call an audible or just plain run for your life. 1-DSC_01871-DSC_0197We try to surround ourselves and work in tandem with our brothers, sisters, families and friends. 1-DSC_01451-DSC_0280We make the best of plans and suddenly you look up and you are alone. Exposed. Vulnerable. Scared. My first momentous game changer happened on July 5th, 1979.  I was in Kitchener Ontario, in a room with a few others. It was a Thursday, the Blue Jays were playing a game on the television and a Nurse called my name, handed me a beautiful little pink bundle and said,”Mr. Tautorat, I believe this is yours !”. My insides exploded in joy and fear.1-DSC_0369I knew instantly that my life had just changed forever. Plans changed, life changed but to this day every time i see Tammy my heart still feels that radiant burst. I was blessed twice more with the birth of my sons David and Andy. As life goes, through a series of events I was given the opportunity to raise my youngest son on my own. An experience that I thank God for daily. The next chapter of life gave me the most wonderful gifts of a son-in-law, Craig and three incredible grandchildren, Owen, Abi and Max.1-DSC_01641-DSC_02831-DSC_02711-DSC_0275 I watched my oldest son Dave play football for Cambridge for several years so the joy of seeing my oldest grandson Owen play for the same team was particularly heart warming and brought back a flood of memories. It’s nice to win, and this Cambridge Lions team seems to do that on a regular but I think true victory is found in the love shown and felt in those around us.1-DSC_0151 The kids took me for a bite after the game. Max tapped my shoulder and asked what the tattoo on my arm says. I answered ” Live, Love and Laugh” in German. He looked me in the eye, smiled that million dollar smile, laughed and kept eating.1-DSC_02671-DSC_0371 I knew that I didn’t have to explain that any further to him. Thanks Tammy, Craig, Owen, Abi and Max for sharing such an awesome Father’s Day! Thanks to Dave and Andy, always glad to hear from you boys too! To all the Dad’s that have been benched or temporarily side-lined by matters beyond their control, stay strong, where there is love there is life and where there is faith there is hope. To the Cambridge Lions, you guys rock and hope to see you guys play again soon!


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