Waterfront Artisan Market, Harbourfront, May 28-29 2016

1-DSC_02421-DSC_0249Took the opportunity on a beautiful weekend in Toronto to visit this year’s first Waterfront Artisan Market. A large outdoor market that will be here one weekend every month until October.1-DSC_02821-DSC_02381-DSC_0246 Lots of great vendors, lots of great food, lots of pirates, the human pinata, and lots of people make this a fun visit.1-DSC_02531-DSC_02571-DSC_0268 My visit coincided with Doors Open Toronto giving me a chance to check out some of the incredible equipment used by Toronto Fire Services and Toronto Police Services Including this painstakingly restored 1942 Ford Fire Truck.1-DSC_02841-DSC_02861-DSC_0306 Please check out http://www.waterfrontartisanmarket.com/#art for the upcoming dates and take the time to visit.1-DSC_03071-DSC_03311-DSC_0346 Harbourfront has so much going on you are sure to find something of interest that will make the visit worthwhile. As always enjoy Toronto.1-DSC_0352


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