Bay Street Protest, Friday May 27, 2016

On Friday a few thousand members of CUPE and OCAP gathered to show their disdain for Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal Government and their desire to privatize everything from Hydro to Healthcare.1-DSC_00871-DSC_0093 The march went from City Hall to the heart of the banking district at King and Bay. A truly inspiring sight to see so many take over Bay Street.1-DSC_00961-DSC_0121 Several speakers spoke of proposed actions by our provincial government not seen since the days of Mike Harris.1-DSC_01311-DSC_02161-DSC_0186 One can only imagine what would happen when Hydro is put into corporate hands. We here in Ontario already pay more than any other province in Canada for electricity and it would only get worse. 1-DSC_02261-DSC_0221A boisterous crowd for sure and a loud voice reminding those in power that people should come before profits. Hopefully loud enough to be heard. These events create an energy that can be felt. When people stand together united in a cause we can make a difference. Thanks to everyone I met and talked with, it seems that the struggle is just beginning but one step at a time it can be done.


One thought on “Bay Street Protest, Friday May 27, 2016

  1. To be clear, there were not “a few thousand” marchers. There were just over 1,000 voting delegates to the CUPE ON Convention plus staff and guests, etc. It’s likely that not all of these were in the march.


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