March Against Monsanto,Saturday May 21 2016, Toronto

Saturday marked the 5th Toronto version of the March Against Monsanto.1-DSC_02631-DSC_02731-DSC_0334 This event was held in over 250 locations around the globe in a unified voice against the chemical giant. 1-DSC_02751-DSC_02921-DSC_0322As the impending buyout by Bayer looms anti-corporate activists, organic farmers, Indigenous peoples, environmental groups and others took to the streets to rally against a giant monopoly stranglehold on our food supply. 1-DSC_03251-DSC_02761-DSC_0342After several speeches and some music the crowd heard from farmer Michael Schmidt, who has been taken to court many times for his efforts to farm organically. He would lead the march on his 1962 International tractor through the heart of the city to Old City Hall.1-DSC_03681-DSC_03991-DSC_0406 It was a boisterous crowd that called out against corporate greed and the genetic mutations that have become so prevalent in our food supply. Everything from the labeling of GMO products to the right to regain control of seeds and standing up for the butterflies and bees.1-DSC_04151-DSC_04641-DSC_0488 Hopefully  a loud enough voice to actually be heard by those in charge. As we marched down Yonge St. I heard people discussing what it was that we were marching against and if nothing else the awareness level certainly went up a notch.1-DSC_05121-DSC_0520 It was an event that I thoroughly enjoyed and was happy to have been a part of. As always enjoy Toronto and take the time to learn where your food actually comes from, it is rather important!


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