Weed March, Queen’s Park Toronto,May 7, 2016

Saturday May 7 marked the 18th annual Toronto version of the Global Weed March. Celebrated in over 100 countries Toronto’s gathering is one of the largest.1-DSC_00071-DSC_02221-DSC_0070  The crowd, estimated to be about 30,000 strong, gathered on the sprawling north lawn of Queen’s Park at high noon. 1-DSC_01951-DSC_02031-DSC_0042 People of all ages and walks of life joined in a strong voice of support. Evident by the many vendors openly selling everything from baked goods to dabs, the times have changed.1-DSC_02231-DSC_00151-DSC_0200 It was a friendly gathering, a chance to meet some old friends and make some new ones. 1-DSC_01761-DSC_00521-DSC_0219It was the first time I met Mark Emery and had the opportunity to chat about the impending changes announced by our federal government in April. At 2pm. most of the crowd gathered to march. 1-DSC_01011-DSC_01081-DSC_0130Not a very long march but a chance to walk off some of those baked treats. There is still a ways to go. This week Toronto Council making noise about perhaps reigning in the many new dispensaries opening in Toronto, in particular Kensington Market, as well as the smoke friendly lounges that currently exist.1-DSC_01191-DSC_01451-DSC_0136When the marchers returned the party continued.1-DSC_00271-DSC_02141-DSC_0024 Many thanks to all the wonderful people I met. Special thanks to a good friend Mark Harrison who proved that yes, “a little dab will do you”! 1-DSC_01821-DSC_00341-DSC_0038A great gathering of like-minded Torontonians hoping to make the world a little friendlier! As always enjoy Toronto!



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