May Day, Toronto, May 1, 2016

On a cool, drizzle filled Sunday, we the people gathered to celebrate May Day.1-DSC_00201-DSC_0052 What is in some countries a national holiday was celebrated in the heart of Toronto by a very diverse collection of groups and people that wanted their voices to be heard.1-DSC_01571-DSC_0145 From groups like O.C.A.P., Black Lives Matter and various labour groups to the very left of our political spectrum the message was loud and clear.1-DSC_00601-DSC_00611-DSC_0063 Corporate greed has run rampant to the point of endangering not only humans but the very planet itself.1-DSC_04081-DSC_0131 Workers have to do much more for much less. The ever decreasing middle class feeling the pinch and in decline.1-DSC_01161-DSC_01521-DSC_0189 After some prayers, speeches and song this boisterous gathering took to the streets. We marched from Yonge/Dundas Square east to a neighborhood nestled up against the Don Valley Pkwy.. The irony not lost that we had gathered in what is the mecca of capitalist decadence and walked to a neighborhood that has been so gentrified that quite honestly I did not recognize it.1-DSC_02611-DSC_03631-DSC_0256 This was by no means the largest crowd I have ever walked with but it reminded me of that feeling of the strength in human numbers.1-DSC_02401-DSC_0247 From far flung neighborhoods in Toronto that feel marginalized to the folks that work their asses off to house their families and put food on the table, the message is clear and not an unreasonable one. Greed has become the divisive wedge in society and the only way to create a change is to gather and unite in numbers. 1-DSC_02741-DSC_02891-DSC_0450Hopefully we can shift the tide to form an inclusive society that has room for all and truth be told if we look around the world, particularly in northern Europe, socialism is only a bad thing if you happen to be part of the 1% .1-DSC_04321-DSC_04731-DSC_0505 It felt good to share this day with everyone there. Thanks again to the wonderful O.C.A.P. volunteers for the tasty veggie wraps and keeping everyone safe during the march. As always enjoy Toronto!


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