Lyricalmyrical Book Launch, Bar Italia Toronto, April 24 2016

I was invited to a book launch in Toronto’s “Little Italy” on Sunday afternoon. A first for me but I had promised myself at the start of this year that I would broaden my horizons and hopefully expand my understanding of the things and people that keep the arts alive and thriving.1-DSC_04441-DSC_0479 The event was hosted by Luciano Iacobelli, a former high school teacher and driving force behind Lyricalmyrical Books. This launch featured four new books from four local poets and all of the books themselves handmade by Luciano himself. The afternoon started and ended with some great music by special guests It Aint Pretty, featuring Gary Burgham, rumoured to be on their 3rd. of 4th. farewell tour.1-DSC_04371-DSC_0483 After some intros from Luciano each of the poets read from their works.1-DSC_0489 Sophie Else: In Search of Whitman. 1-DSC_0501Gale Zoe Garnett: Pomegranate Moments. 1-DSC_05241-DSC_0527Pat Connors: Part-Time Contemplative. 1-DSC_0564Sonia Di Placido: The Akashic Wood. Each poet a uniquely different style, topic and expression but each able to create such wonderful imagery using the written word. As I listened to each poet read I could feel that these tapestries of artistic wonder come from an honest place, deep inside their souls and like all true artists the art truly comes from the inside out. 1-DSC_05411-DSC_0449.NEFThe event was truly an enjoyable one. Special thanks to Pat Connors for the invite, thanks to all the wonderful poets and artists that made for an incredible Sunday afternoon. As I was leaving I heard Luciano say”sold out” so congrats to all for a successful launch!1-DSC_0495 Lastly thanks to Sam, the poetry loving service dog that seemed to just take it all in. As always enjoy Toronto, get out and enjoy some poetry!


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