Earth Day, Roncesvalles Village, Toronto April 22, 2016

It’s not often you get to meet your local M.P.P. in the tub. In honor and celebration of Earth Day the local Earth Day Canada headquarters, a relatively new neighbor on Roncesvalles Ave., hosted a pop-up “Forest Bathing” pavilion. 1-DSC_0386Locals from every walk of life are encouraged to drop by, take a selfie in the tub and share those on social media in an effort raise awareness of their new and vital #Rooting4Trees “pledge and plant” campaign . The more you chip in, the more trees get planted. Well worth checking out at .1-DSC_0390 My visit happened to coincide with Cheri DiNova  M.P.P. for Parkdale-High Park. A great way to highlight this neighborhood’s relationship with trees. It was a pleasure to meet her as well as Deb Doncaster, President, Earth Day Canada.1-DSC_0397-001 To Earth Day Canada, welcome to the neighborhood, you’ll like it here! As always enjoy Toronto, hug a tree, donate to a great campaign and if you ever get the chance, take a soothing tub in a forest!1-DSC_0380


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