420 Celebration, Yonge Dundas Square,Toronto April 20,2016

The history of “420”, how it came to be called that and why it is celebrated on April 20th is quite the read.1-DSC_00041-DSC_00231-DSC_0068It has become a part of history and lore for a couple of generations now. What started as a small group protest has grown into a large movement.1-DSC_00661-DSC_0149 Yesterday’s announcement by our Prime Minister, to the world, that Canada intends to fully legalize marijuana gave this gathering a much more celebratory feel than in years past.1-DSC_02471-DSC_0261The crowd, as diverse in age and race, as any I’ve seen at any gathering grew to overflow the square and spill out onto the surrounding streets. After many years of studies and research the truth about cannabis and it’s healing qualities have emerged. 1-DSC_01801-DSC_0226There was a strong educational component here as well as lots of edibles, drinkables and yes a few smoke-ables. The sad stories shared had a common thread. Suffering because of it’s illegality. Parents losing their children because of treating their illnesses with cannabis.1-DSC_0238 People often put in dangerous and precarious situations. But we have come a long, long way since then. This was indeed a celebration. After a few speeches the crowd was treated to some great comedy, dance and music. 1-DSC_03651-DSC_03451-DSC_0047I was treated backstage to some great weed poetry and met some incredible people that reminded me, when we gather in numbers with a common goal, based on truth and understanding, we can move mountains.1-DSC_01571-DSC_00891-DSC_0063 “We the People” can affect change and make this a better, more enlightened world. Many thanks to the many volunteers and organizers for a an awesome afternoon.1-DSC_0076 1-DSC_0135Thanks to Mother Nature for supplying awesome sunny weather and of course the plant we came to celebrate.1-DSC_02951-DSC_02611-DSC_0128 1-DSC_0019Thanks to the many members of the Toronto Police Services who certainly had their hands full keeping pedestrians and vehicles separate. As always, enjoy Toronto and if so inclined, enjoy a puff or a brownie!

“What a long strange trip it’s been.”

Jerry Garcia


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