Rally For Food Justice, St. James Toronto Saturday April 10 2016

Saturday in the middle of one of the poorest and most densely packed neighborhoods in Toronto, OCAP held a rally for food justice.1-DSC_05711-DSC_0574 MCed by Chanteal Lee and joined by other voices including John Clarke I learned a new phrase. 1-DSC_05821-DSC_05871-DSC_0624Food Insecurity. To most people rising food costs are an annoyance. To people on social assistance these staggering increases can be life altering.1-DSC_06131-DSC_0631 Any person with an illness that requires dietary alternates can find these rises not only annoying but also having to make some tough and dangerous choices. One of the most eye opening statistics mentioned was the fact that people on social assistance, after all the numbers are factored in, have lost 55% of their buying power since the eighties.1-DSC_05891-DSC_0620 Here in Toronto an increasing number of people rely on food banks and other agencies for help. For a lot of communities, particularly native communities in the north, these options are not available. The numbers of those struggling has steadily increased and listening to those voices you can hear the ever growing frustration.1-DSC_06331-DSC_0606 As good and thriving as Canada is, it is apparent that there are cracks in the system through which an ever increasing number of people are falling. This rally was a starting point in an ongoing struggle to not only be heard, but to incite a joining of voices hopefully loud enough to cause those that govern to hear and make those changes needed to make our society inclusive of all. 1-DSC_06121-DSC_0627There are lots of good ideas out there, but they have to be tried.And soon! An eye opening afternoon to say the least. Enjoy Toronto and if you can pitch in. Fortunately here in Toronto there are many outstanding agencies that are doing incredible work and surely could use a little bit of help.


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