People And Petals, Easter Sunday March 27,2016 Toronto and Allan Gardens

Another beautiful Sunday in Toronto. I had come to Allan Gardens in the winter and promised myself then that I would come back for Easter.1-DSC_04501-DSC_0439 Like any living organism these greenhouses are an evolving work. Always changing, always live.From brilliant rows of pastel colours to the sharp crisp beauty of a single bloom.1-DSC_03581-DSC_0488 My trip there showed me another side of life. Our side. The human side. That in 2016 we still find it necessary to protest for the most basic of rights is atrocious. I am a little too  young to have been an original Flower Child but in current times I must admit to becoming one.1-DSC_04031-DSC_0424 We say things like,”I hope this starts a serious conversation” when in fact we should mean ” I hope we stop killing each other”.1-DSC_03551-DSC_0485 Every life is unique, each flower and person different but all part of the same mosaic blanket that covers this planet and to borrow from the wisdom of George Carlin, when the blanket gets ratty enough the globe will discard it and weave a new one. 1-DSC_03991-DSC_0467In the meantime let’s just get along. Beauty exists in all living things and maybe life has just gotten too  “important” to take the time to see it.1-DSC_04401-DSC_03531-DSC_0444 When I left the greenhouses I found a bench, took of my jacket to enjoy some of that awesome weather.1-DSC_03651-DSC_03661-DSC_0368 I saw these amazing people again. Serving a free dinner to anyone hungry enough. An older gentleman came by and saw me shoot these pics.1-DSC_0361 1-DSC_0362” These are really special people” he said. “They’re here every Sunday, people don’t know how good they got it here in Toronto.”1-DSC_04481-DSC_04131-DSC_0456 I smiled as he left and waved and I felt thankful for the opportunity to meet such a happy soul! Hope everyone had a Happy Easter ! 1-DSC_04541-DSC_03821-DSC_0372 So go get the incense , put flowers in your hair and enjoy Toronto and each other!


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