First Day Of Spring, March 20, 2016, High Park Toronto

What better way to welcome spring than with a visit to this, my favourite place.1-DSC_01921-DSC_01211-DSC_0094 After a winter, of sorts, life begins to return to this place. The colour starts to return, the water starts to flow freely, migratory visitors return to replenish, rest and feed. 1-DSC_00751-DSC_03031-DSC_0228These Canada Geese seeming to take things to another level. 1-DSC_01061-DSC_01081-DSC_0112The sounds have returned to the woods. What was hushed and frozen not long ago now buzzes with the sounds of birds. The ducks actively fishing and playing. Males trying to impress females in the hopes of starting a family. 1-DSC_02771-DSC_02681-DSC_0092Every trip here feels, looks and sounds different than the last one but the feeling is the same. This place offers it’s visitors a feeling of peace and calm. A zen if you will. On this trip I had the chance to see many Robins, welcoming spring with their chests out.1-DSC_01301-DSC_0080 Also saw quite a few Red Wing Blackbirds, my first Wood Duck of the year and these very active Bufflehead Ducks. 1-DSC_01271-DSC_00841-DSC_0171These trees will be full again soon, different ducks will play and eat in these ponds. The beauty of this place is that you never know who or what you will meet on any given day.1-DSC_02781-DSC_0247 1-DSC_0173All that you do know is that you will be better for the visit. renewed, relaxed, inspired and looking forward to your next opportunity. I want to wish everybody a very Happy Spring! Get out and enjoy some of the wonders nature has to offer. You don’t even have to travel very far.As always enjoy a park, enjoy Toronto!


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