St. Patrick’s Day Parade,Sunday March 13, 2016, Toronto

My usual Sunday morning routine is to make a coffee, get on the internet to scour what’s happening in Toronto and hope that something interests and inspires me to go and cover an event.1-DSC_04041-DSC_0411 This week’s choice was an easy one! I mean who doesn’t love a parade? On Sunday Toronto played host to the 29th. annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.1-DSC_04381-DSC_0497 The first recorded history of Irish visitors was in 1536 when fisherman from Cork visited what is now Newfoundland.1-DSC_0755 The rest is history and Toronto’s history is certainly rich with Irish influence. A 2006 Statistics Canada census showed that here in Ontario alone about 17%, or approximately 2 Million Ontarians can trace their roots to Ireland. I have had the chance in recent times to visit many ethnic celebrations and have always enjoyed how much Torontonians share these celebrations.1-DSC_04211-DSC_04221-DSC_04351-DSC_0425 The parade wound it’s way from St. George and Bloor, down Yonge St. and along Queen to Nathan Phillips Square. Toronto Police Services opened the parade in fine fashion on motorcycle, horse and on foot. Mayor John Tory mugged for selfies, the Police Chief shook as many hands as he could.1-DSC_05801-DSC_06821-DSC_05851-DSC_0560 What followed was a sea of green. A celebration of all it means to be Irish and also what it means to be a Torontonian.1-DSC_06791-DSC_05081-DSC_05051-DSC_0476 A sharing of a very rich tapestry in which the Irish influence is very prominent. The joy on the faces of marchers and watchers alike made for a wonderful event.1-DSC_06321-DSC_0630 Even the dogs got involved. 1-DSC_07151-DSC_08041-DSC_07591-DSC_06191-DSC_0615A great way to spend a Sunday! Great to see so many people show up. Not just the Irish but also us, that for a day a year, wish to be.1-DSC_06061-DSC_05141-DSC_0522 If you missed the parade you have one more chance on Thursday to paint the town green.1-DSC_08221-DSC_08251-DSC_0831 1-DSC_0553Happy St. Patrick’s Day and as always enjoy Toronto!


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