Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Toronto March 05 2016

Another beautiful Sunday in Toronto. Too beautiful to stay indoors. Rather than head into the city I thought it would be nice to revisit one of my favourite parks so I took the 501 streetcar through the Humber Loop and on into New Toronto.1-DSC_02271-DSC_02401-DSC_0347 Like the east end of Toronto the west end is home to some awesome waterfront parks. Colonel Samuel Smith Park is the newest of these having opened in 1996.1-DSC_02251-DSC_02261-DSC_0288 Located at Kipling Ave. and Lakeshore, on the former site of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital and the RL Clark Filtration Plant, most of this park has been created with lake fill. A decade ago, when I lived in this part of the city, my dog Butch and I would walk these trails daily.1-DSC_02301-DSC_02761-DSC_03251-DSC_03191-DSC_0323 The park features lots of areas for those keen on bird watching, in particular this wonderful wetland that has been created, sheltered from open water.1-DSC_02501-DSC_02551-DSC_0302 Full of activity at all times of year yesterday was no exception. Lots of ducks, a swan, seagulls and this pair of Canada Geese that strutted over to us fearlessly to say hello. 1-DSC_0273.NEF1-DSC_0274People come here for the many scenic trails, free skating and surely for some of these spectacular views of that ever changing skyline.1-DSC_02291-DSC_02841-DSC_0308 I looked up Canada Goose XC30 to find a picture of this same bird, in roughly this same part of Toronto, 2 years ago.I also had my first sighting of a Robin this year, spring must be close.1-DSC_02351-DSC_0341  The park also features a marina that becomes a busy hub through the spring and summer when all these boats take to the water once again. Toronto is blessed with many of these wonderful places where nature meets civilization. Free to explore and certainly worth the effort. As always, enjoy Toronto.


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