Harbourfront, February 28 2016

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

My intent on this day was to go to see an art installation by Carlos Amorales called “Black Cloud”, at The Power Plant on Queen’s Quay. The harbour has been one of my favourite places in Toronto since early childhood.1-DSC_01181-DSC_0202 It has changed greatly since those early days and has become a thriving hub of all things to do with Art, in all its forms. Many people are drawn to this place for many reasons. Some come to meet some of the local fowl as well as some winter visitors. 1-DSC_00821-DSC_01601-DSC_01481-DSC_0127Some come to skate (But not so much in this weather), 1-DSC_01631-DSC_0156some come to enjoy a moment of solitude and dream, perhaps as I did as a young boy, of setting sail out into an open sea.1-DSC_01331-DSC_0135 Some live in these ever encroaching glass towers in a city that continues to grow and expand. 1-DSC_01991-DSC_0198The installation by Carlos Amorales was quite intriguing.1-DSC_0166 A collection of some 30,000 handmade black moths mounted throughout The Power Plant’s Clerestory.1-DSC_01881-DSC_0189 Each one an individual entity yet almost overwhelming as a mass.There is lots of art throughout this place, all free to view! I also had the chance to see a few pieces by Montreal artist, Patrick Bernatchez called “Unending Times”. 1-DSC_0180The viewer picks from a selection of classic music to listen to on headphones while watching this loom endlessly spin these fibres.1-DSC_01841-DSC_0185 This piece called BW features a millennial watch whose second hand takes 1000 years to make a full rotation and this faceless horse and rider on a blank background. There is a lot of art to be seen here, all free! Not all the art is indoors though and if you take the time to wander and observe it makes itself evident right in front of our noses.1-DSC_0111 As I left I imagined this swan saying” Hey guys I just don’t feel like I belong!” The harbour is truly one of those places where art and life meet! Enjoy Toronto!


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