Winter Stations Design Competition, East Beaches Toronto February 21 2016

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Toronto than an afternoon at the beach. In mid February several of the otherwise cold and lonely lifeguard towers along the beach have been transformed into wonderful pieces of art. These are the winners of the annual Winter Station Design Competition, chosen from 378 submissions from 49 countries, all inspired by the quirky nature of a Toronto winter. 1-DSC_0030

There is a theme of warmth and protection from the elements in these pieces as well as tributes to the lake and rivers so important in our history. 1-DSC_00111-DSC_0019

From the Steam Canoe to this wonderful black ball called The Belly Of The Bear which invites people to climb inside and view the lake from a glass portal.1-DSC_00081-DSC_00241-DSC_0010

From the mimicking of a snow crystal to a collection of 360 ropes that can change with the weather from a solid block to a free swinging curtain. The ropes being the same type that were used in ships on this lake. 1-DSC_00361-DSC_00431-DSC_0047

Fabrics and materials meant to reflect light and shield from the wind and cold, used to create this futuristic piece. These hanging fabric tubes that light up at night and change colour in reaction to human touch. 1-DSC_00561-DSC_00511-DSC_0058

I may have missed a few and wish that more signage or a legend would have been available. All in all though a large turnout and a good excuse to spend a February afternoon at the beach. The art seemed inspiring to all ages and well worth the visit. 1-DSC_00071-DSC_0040

The lifeguard station sits empty for now but will soon enough be buzzing again as always enjoy Toronto!~


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