The Art And Colour Of Kensington Market, Sunday February 7,2016

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”
Danny Kaye

I have always found inspiration in colour.1-DSC_04721-DSC_0499 As I trek around Toronto my eye is most often drawn by flashes of colour on buildings, in store windows,on people or in parks. February is generally stark and grey in the city and the foliage in the parks is stark and ominous.1-DSC_05281-DSC_05341-DSC_0521 What I needed on this day was colour and art to brighten my spirits and inspire me. I have had appreciation for street art for years, thanks to a particular child of mine that shall remain nameless. 1-DSC_0484 in Toronto there are many places, alleys, buildings and communities that are living galleries and a testament to the creativity and love of expression by many artists. One of my favourites has always been Kensington Market. 1-DSC_04881-DSC_0487Not only a wonderful place to shop and eat but also always more than an eyeful of some incredible art. Some of it on walls, buildings or fences1-DSC_04791-DSC_05301-DSC_0482. Some in the windows of the shops themselves and some tucked away around a corner or behind a construction fence.1-DSC_05411-DSC_0504 Like the rest of the city this area is changing. Construction and renovations wherever possible but during all of this the art has kept up with this frenetic pace.1-DSC_04891-DSC_0546 Each piece an expression of a creative soul, some bigger, some smaller, some simpler, some more complex but all of them there in living colour. In all the upgrading and gentrification that goes on in a city this size I truly hope this place will never lose it’s art.1-DSC_05261-DSC_0502 1-DSC_0490Next time you have the chance to wander here, walk slowly, look around, bring a camera but whatever you do get out and enjoy the art of Kensington!1-DSC_0476


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